Monday, January 09, 2012

2012 Resolutions

I guess its about that time again, to look at my failures of the past year and plan out my failures for the upcoming year. Ahh just kidding, I think I actually did pretty good last year. Lets see, I wanted to lose weight, read more, hang out with Ann more, blog more and make more art.

While technically I didn't lose any weight, I did hit the gym way more last year then I had been, so while my pants don't fit any better, I do feel quite a bit healthier. I'm going to mark this resolution as a win! Go me! I think to do the losing weight thing I'm going to have to eat less..... Screw that!

Next Resolution, Read more. Ok this one was an epic failure!! I think I read less last year then ever before. I'm pretty sure that when I do decide to pick up a book again, I'm going to be reading at a 4th grade level.

Hang out with Ann more. I don't know about this one. I didn't have quite the crazy hours at work like I did in previous years but she was really busy with school so the only time I really saw her was when we were both in the studio working at home. Not really quality hanging out. I'm going to have to call this resolution a draw.

Blog more. With this one I have data to prove how awesome I am! Three years ago I only posted 5 times. Two years ago I posted 6 times, but last year I posted a grand total of 19 times! That's like 1.5 times a month!!!! Winner!!!! Ok so 19 times isn't a huge amount but it was way more, so yeah, WIN!

Last but definitely not least create more art. This was my most successful resolution by far. I probably made more actual finished pieces last year then any year before, and that includes all my time at CalArts. My work is getting better and better all the time and I look forward to see whats to come!

So 3.5 out of 5 resolutions isn't bad! That would be a passing grade in school!! I rule!

Now its time to look towards the future.....

For next year I decided not to do a bunch of little resolution and just focus on one bigger one. I figure that way it would cut down on the length of these annual posts and save you guys from having to read so much.

My resolution for next year is to be more proactive. I've been a go with the flow kind of guy pretty much my entire life, and while I have been extremely fortunate and have had many amazing opportunities just fall into my lap, I feel I'm missing out on one very important fundamental aspect of the human experience, and that is the feeling of utter disappointment you get when you really want something and try to achieve it with your entire heart and then fall short over and over again. So yeah, that is what I will be focusing on this year, obtaining a feeling of utter disappointment.

i drew a little picture to illustrate this:


go me!


  1. Hey, reading at a 4th grade level is perfect for the book I have coming out... :-D

    Thanks for posting more -- I love seeing your artwork pop up in my Google reader.

  2. Ha ha I very much look forward to reading your book when it comes out! :)