Thursday, January 01, 2009

And we'll tak a right guid willie-waught for auld lang syne

Happy New Years everybody!! Weee!!! Yay!!! Wooo!!! Well I guess it's time to look back at the things I wanted to accomplish last year and focus on the things I'm going to tackle next year.

If I remember correctly last year I wanted to keep things simple and only take on a couple resolutions so I would be sure to accomplish them. Lets see how I did....

2008 Resolution #1: Read more.... Uhhhh do comic books count? I'm guessing no. I think I read an email or two, but I'm sure those probably don't count either. As far as books go, the last Harry Potter came out 2 years ago, and teenage vampire romance doesn't really do it for me, so what, is it my fault the world just isn't producing anything worth reading at the moment??? I think not!

Okay, Okay so that resolution didn't really work out, but surely I succeeded at the next one!

2008 Resolution #2: Get in better shape....... hmmmm well since my computer rests more comfortably on my gut then in my lap I think I'm going to have to call this one a failure too.

Crap, okay, well last year was a bust but who really likes to look back anyway? On to bigger better things! A new list of resolutions to fail at! YAY!!

2009 Resolution #1: Read more! This shouldn't be too hard I love to read. I do it all the time! Yeah!

2009 Resolution #2: Get in better shape! Not that I need it, I'm totally a pillar of health, totally!

2009 Resolution #3: Draw more! I'm going to be pretty unhappy if I get out of art school and I am still not confident in my drawing abilities!

2009 Resolution #4: Get better organized! I'm nearly 29, I should probably have some sort of system in place by now on how to keep track of all the things I need to do, when my families/friends birthdays are, when to shower, brush my teeth, take out the trash... but I don't

2009 Resolution #5: Post here a little more frequently. I think I owe it to all my fans out there.

I think 5 is enough for this year. I mean I can only fail at so many things before I start to take it personally.

Okay, now that all that nonsense is out of the way I actually have some art to show. I know, I know I'm pretty surprised myself.

I did this in my painting class last semester and I quite like it. It was done in oil on canvas board and I think its 18" x 24"


  1. this is a most excellent painting. Ive stared at it from the crack in your curtain many a time.

  2. Time for an update. We your loyal fans are waiting and waiting . . .